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Volume 2 | Issue 2 | JOCR April – June 2012 | Page 10-13 | Dharmadhikari RP

Painful Snapping and Pseudo-winging Scapula due to a large Scapular Osteochondroma

Rohit Prakash Dharmadhikari

Mumbai Port Trust Hospital Mumbai, India

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Dr Rohit Prakash Dharmadhikari Mumbai Port Trust Hospital Mumbai, India.Email:


 Introduction:Osteochondromas are common benign bone tumours. They are usually seen in metaphyses of long bones and are seldom found in flat bones like scapula. When present in scapula, they may cause abnormal scapulothoracic movements leading to pain, snapping and winging of scapula.

Case  Report:We describe the case of a middle-aged woman with painful snapping and pseudo-winging of scapula due to a large osteochondroma. The patient was treated with open resection with relief of symptoms.

Conclusion: Pseudo-winging and snapping scapula can be rarely caused by scapular osteochondromas even in cases presenting in fourth decade. These lesion respond well to surgical excision.

Keywords: Osteochondroma, Snapping Scapula, Pseudo-winging Scapula

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