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A new Karyotype Variant to add to Ewings sarcoma Chromosomal aberrations

Case Report |  Volume 3 | Issue 4 | JOCR Oct-Dec 2013 | Page 12-15 | Nagaraj P, Srinivas C H, Rao R, Manohar S

DOI: 10.13107/jocr.2250-0685.123

Authors: Nagaraj P[1], Srinivas C H[2], Rao R[1], Manohar S[1]

[1]Dept Of Orthopaedics, M.S.R.M.C, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

[2]Consultant Orthopaedic Oncosurgeon, BSG Global Hospitals, Banglore. Chairman, Jagruthi Medical & Research Trust, Bgs Global Hospitals, Bangalore. India.

Address of Correspondence:

Dr Prashanth Nagaraj. Dept Of Orthopaedics, M.S.R.M.C, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Email: drprashanthnagaraj@rediffmail.com


Introduction: Ewing’s sarcomas is a rare primitive neuroectodermal tumour (PNET) which has an annual incidence of 2.9 /million population in USA 1Jeffery Toretsky et al (2008) They are very uncommon in African and Asian population .lt is commonly associated with reciprocal translocation between chromosome 11 and 12 t (11:12) or less frequently the t(21 ;22)(q22;ql 2) translocation. It is highly aggressive tumor which is PAS- and CD99 (MIC2)-positive relatively few variant translocations have been reported in primary Ewing’s sarcomas (ES).

Case Report: We are hereby presenting a case of extra skeletal soft tissue Ewing’s sarcoma with unusual translocation of chromosome t (4, 22) (q35, q12).Patient presented to us in advanced stage with pulmonary metastasis and lower limb neurological deficit.Relatively few variant translocations have been reported in primary Ewing’s sarcomas (ES).To date, 13 variants of the EWS fusion gene have been described in literature. They are extremely rare, representing altogether < 1% of the cases’ 23we are reporting a case of a variant simple translocation of chromosome t (4; 22) (q35;1 2). In our exhaustive literature search we could find only one case of complex translocation which was identified in a dysmorphic 15-year-old girl, t (4:11; 22)(q21; q24; q12) reported by Squire Jet al (1993).

Conclusion: This type of translocation is extremely rare and has not been reported in the literature so far. Clinical presentation was initial indolent but later at the time patient presented to our institute he had developed pulmonary metastases and paraplegia due to involvement of spine. Our case report will provide new insight about rare translocation types in Ewing’s sarcoma and understand their clinical behavior of Ewing’s sarcoma with such type of translocation.

Keywords: Ewings sarcoma, Translocation, Neuroectodermal tumours, Chromosome


How to Cite This Article: Nagaraj P, Srinivas C H, Rao R, Manohar S. Extra skeletal Soft Tissue Ewing’s Sarcoma with Variant Translocation of Chromosome t (4; 22) (q35; q12)-A Case Report. Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports 2013 Oct-Dec ;3(4): 12-15. Available from: http://www.jocr.co.in/wp/2013/04/13/2250-0685-098-fulltext/

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