Articles in JOCR are of practical importance and thus are being widely downloaded and read. We keep a track of number of views and downloads form the website. An online rating panel is now provided under all articles and readers can rate the article on parameters of trustworthiness, bias, usefulness and quality of writing. Also Letter to editors and other parameters of interest (eg discussions, Citations) generated by the article will be studied by a panel of editorial board member. Based on these details JOCR will be awarding Three Best Article Awards every year. An e-Certificate of award will be mailed to the authors. There were 10 nominations this years and amongst them below three were chosen for the best article award for year 2013-2014. We congratulate the authors and publish a small commentary by the authors about their article and JOCR. This will be regular feature every year at JOCR and announcements will be made in the last issue of the year. 

Some Historical Treatments Should Not be Forgotten: A Review of Cast Wedging and a trick to normalize non-standardized digital x-rays 2014;4(2): 33-37  

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Commentary by Authors

We would like to thank the reviewers and editor of the Journal of Orthopedic Case Reports (JOCR) for recognizing our manuscript “Some Historical Treatments Should Not be Forgotten: A Novel Technique for Digital Image Manipulation for Correction of Deformity with Cast Wedging” as a top article of 2014. This designation is a real honor. The ever advancing technology of the world today is seen in orthopedics where we rapidly develop and adopt new technologies and advancing management strategies in the treatment of well-known injuries/problems. This rapid development is clearly seen in the advancement of arthroscopy, arthroplasty, and hip fracture management to name a few.  However; with these advances we cannot forget tried and true treatments that provide outstanding results.  We view cast wedging as one of these treatments that is slowly falling to the wayside and must not be forgotten in the advancing high tech treatments of modern orthopedics.  Our manuscript tries to illustrate the continued utility of an older technique with a modern twist. Thank you again for your recognition and we look forward to working with the JOCR in the future on additional projects that contribute to the orthopedic knowledge compendium and look to advance the field as a whole.

 Intercondylar Ganglion Cyst with Mucoid degeneration of posterior Cruciate Ligament of Knee Report of a Rare Case and Review of Literature 2014;4(1): 32-34 

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 Commentary by Authors

It is an elated feeling to know that our article ” Intercondylar ganglion cyst with mucoid degeneration of posterior cruciate ligament of knee-report of a rare case and review of literature” has been selected as the best article for the year 2014. I would like to thank the editorial board of JOCR on behalf of all the authors for the same. We really appreciate the effort put in by the JOCR team in guiding us through the editorial process, answering our queries, timely replies for our mails and recognizing the importance of topic and publishing it. JOCR being a journal exclusively dedicted for orthopaedic case reports is helping young authors like us in contributing to the world authorship in orthopaedic journals. It is an ideal platform for sharing our clinical experiences and learning from others regarding various challenging cases and their management there by significantly contributing the evergrowing body of medical knowledge. As we are all aware that orthopaedic field is developing in quantum, by leaps and bounds, awareness about various clinical conditions and their unusual presentations, their standard diagnostic and management protocols is of paramount importance in today’s clinical practice and journals like JOCR is helping us in perfecting our art of healing.
On behalf of all the authors, I offer JOCR editorial board my very best wishes.
May the good work continue…

 Acute Metallosis Following Total Knee Replacement − A Case Report 2014 ;4(1): 21-23 

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Commentary by Authors

We thank the Journal of Orthopedic Case Reports for the opportunity to publish our paper on acute metallosis following total knee replacement. The Journal represents an important venue for dissemination of clinically important findings

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