Aggressive Vertebral Body Hemangioma Causing Compressive Myelopathy – Two Case Reports

What to Learn from this Article? Aggressive vertebral body hemangiomas can cause compressive myelopathy due to extra-osseous extension and can typically be identified by their corduroy cloth and polka dot appearance. Case Report | Volume 7 | Issue 2 | JOCR March – April 2017 | Page 7-10| Denver Steven Pinto, V Ravi Hoisala, Pavan Gupta, Parthasarathy Sarkar. DOI: 10.13107/jocr.2250-0685.724 Authors: Denver Steven...

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Insufficiency Fractures of the Distal Tibia and Fibula Following Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Case Report

What to Learn from this Article? We should be aware of possible insufficiency fracture in the affected limb after total hip arthroplasty. Case Report | Volume 7 | Issue 2 | JOCR March – April 2017 | Page 11-13| Ryu Kojima, Toshiki Miura, Eisei Fukatani. DOI: 10.13107/jocr.2250-0685.726 Authors: Ryu Kojima[1], Toshiki Miura[1], Eisei Fukatani[1] [1] Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, JR Tokyo General Hospital, Tokyo,...

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A Gustilo Type 3B Open Tibial Fracture Treated with a Proximal Flexor Hallucis Longus Flap: A Case Report

What to Learn from this Article? The use of a proximally based flexor hallucis longus flap is an effective alternative surgical approach that may be useful for the repair of large soft-tissue defects in the distal third of the lower leg if insufficiently covered by other flaps. Case Report | Volume 7 | Issue 2 | JOCR March – April 2017 | Page 70-73| Tomohiro Yasuda, Masayuki Arai, Kaoru Sato, Koji Kanzaki....

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Early Intraprosthetic Dislocation of a Dual Mobility Acetabular Construct after Total Hip Arthroplasty

What to Learn from this Article? Dual mobility cups can be used to provide increased stability for patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty, but intraprosthetic dislocation can still occur. In the setting of a dislocated total hip arthroplasty with a dual-mobility cup treated with closed reduction, surgeons should scrutinize post-reduction radiographs for signs of intraprosthetic dislocation and consider revision of components if...

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Reviewers Acknowledgement & Photo-Gallery March-April 2017

Journal of Orthopaedic Case is the First International Journal that has started the  practice of acknowledging and publishing the names of its reviewers from the First issue itself. We believe that a successful Journal stands on four Pillars, Editorial board, Authors, Reviewers and Readers. As convention and in view of blinded peer review, reviewers remained unsung heroes with no acknowledgment in print issues of any journal. JOCR has...

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An Isolated Pure Dislocation of Fifth Carpometacarpal Joint: Case Report and Review of Literature

What to Learn from this Article? Isolated dislocation of the fifth carpometacarpal joint can be managed conservatively with good outcome if diagnosed early; however, if the initial reduction is unstable or there is a delay in diagnosis or presentation, it is imperative to use K-wires for fixation after closed/open reduction. Case Report | Volume 7 | Issue 2 | JOCR March – April 2017 | Page 14-16| Rashid Anjum, Amit Roy,...

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