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Isolated Synovial Osteochondromatosis in a Completely Enclosed Suprapatellar Pouch: A Rare Case Report

Learning Point of the Article: Loose bodies may be concealed by the plica during routine knee arthroscopy. Successful arthroscopic removal of loose bodies in the separated suprapatellar compartment requires careful study of pre-operative imaging and can effectively be performed. Case Report | Volume 10 | Issue 2 | JOCR March – April 2020 | Page 17-20 | Shi Ming Tan, Ing How Moo, Kesavan Sitampalam, Joyce Suang Bee Koh, Tet Sen...

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Intra-articular Migration of Broken Patellar Tension Band Wire: A Rare Case

What to Learn from this Article? While removing broken intra-articular wire, the patient should be counseled for removal, otherwise it may damage neurovascular structure or articular cartilage or ligaments. Case Report | Volume 6 | Issue 5 | JOCR November-December 2016 | Page 41-43| Satish Kumar Sharma, Sonendra Kumar Sharma, Mohammed Aslam, Gagan Naresh Chadha DOI: 10.13107/jocr.2250-0685.622 Authors: Satish Kumar Sharma[1],...

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