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Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis in the Adult Lumbar Spine – A Case Report and Literature Review

Learning Point of the Article: Surgery in adult lumbar spine with Langerhans cell histiocytosis is indicated in patients with neurological deficits, instability and intractable pain. Case Report | Volume 10 | Issue 9 | JOCR December 2020 | Page 28-32 | Charanjit Singh Dhillon, Raviraj Tantry, Shrikant Rajeshwari Ega, Chetan Pophale, Narendra Reddy Medagam, Nilay Chhasatia. DOI: 10.13107/jocr.2020.v10.i09.1892 Authors: Charanjit...

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Hydatid Cyst of the Spine: A Rare Case Report and Review of Literature

Learning Point of the Article: Meticulous surgery avoiding spillage of cyst material, appropriate medication as advised by the infectious disease specialist, long follow-up to ensure compliance with medication and to detect recurrence will give fruitful results in spinal hydatid cyst disease. Case Report | Volume 10 | Issue 3 | JOCR May – June 2020 | Page 57-59 | Jeevan Kumar Sharma, Vikas Tandon, Nandan Marathe, Yogendra...

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Rare Case of Bilateral Pure Facet Joint Dislocation of Upper Lumbar Spine without Facet Fracture: A Case Report

Learning Point for the Article: Lumbar pure facetal dislocation is very rare injury. Such injuries may be associated with visceral and vascular injuries. Prompt recognition and early intervention increase the chance of neurological recovery. Case Report | Volume 8 | Issue 3 | JOCR May – June 2018 | Page 58-60| Narendra Reddy Medagam, Charanjit Singh Dhillon, Rishi Dwivedi, Pankaj Kumar Jindal, Shrikant Ega....

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