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A Rare Case of Glomus Tumor of the Thigh with Literature Review

Learning Point of the Article: Pain, hypersensitivity to cold, and severe amyotrophy should raise suspicion for glomus tumors regardless of its location. Case Report | Volume 8 | Issue 5 | JOCR September – October 2018 | Page 22-24| Mohamed Ali Sbai, Sofien Benzarti, Wafa Gharbi, Riadh Maalla. DOI: 10.13107/jocr.2250-0685.1192 Authors: Mohamed Ali Sbai[1], Sofien Benzarti[1], Wafa Gharbi[2], Riadh Maalla[3] [1]Department...

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Accidental Captive-bolt Gun Injury to the Distal Femur: A Case Report

What to Learn from this Article? The wound is primarily infected by the  time the patient presents to the hospital. The wound should be explored as foreign bodies could be deeply embedded. Aggressive treatment with wound exploration, multiple wound debridement and intra venous antibiotics based on culture reports are the mainstay of treatment. Case Report | Volume 6 | Issue 4 | JOCR September-October 2016 | Page 6-8 | Ravi...

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