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Diagnosis and Arthroscopic Treatment of Synovial Chondromatosis of Glenohumeral Joint: A Case Report

Learning Point of the Article: A synovial chondromatosis of shoulder can be successfully treated with arthroscopic excision, no matter how much is the number of loose bodies. Case Report | Volume 11 | Issue 1 | JOCR January 2021 | Page  59-62 | Fayaz Memon, Eknath D Pawar, Devanshu Gupta, Amit Kumar Yadav . DOI: 10.13107/jocr.2021.v11.i01.1964 Authors: Fayaz Memon[1], Eknath D Pawar[1], Devanshu Gupta[1], Amit Kumar...

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“Dry Arthroscopy” is a Valuable Tool in the Excisional Curettage of Chondroblastoma: A Case Series

Learning Point of the Article: “Dry arthroscopy” can be an effective intraoperative technique in the excision of chondroblastomas due to the improved visualization and decreased invasiveness of the approach when compared to standard local excision and curettage techniques. Case Series | Volume 11 | Issue 1 | JOCR January 2021 | Page  82-86 | Alec S Kellish, Mahir Qureshi, Andrew Mostello, Tae Won Kim, Christina J Gutowski ....

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Osteochondritis Dissecans of the Humeral Trochlea Treated with Mosaic-type Osteochondral Autologous Transplantation

Learning Point of the Article: Osteochondritis dissecans of the humeral trochlea can be successfully treated with mosaic-type osteochondral autologous transplantation. Case Report | Volume 10 | Issue 9 | JOCR December 2020 | Page 106-108 | Yoshifumi Harada, Atsuyuki Inui, Takeshi Kokubu, Yutaka Mifune, Hanako Nishimoto, Ryosuke Kuroda. DOI: 10.13107/jocr.2020.v10.i09.1924 Authors: Yoshifumi Harada[1], Atsuyuki Inui[2], Takeshi...

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Arthroscopic Treatment of Primary Synovial Chondromatosis of the Ankle: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Learning Point of the Article: Arthroscopic approach is a good alternative to open arthrotomy for the treatment of synovial chondromatosis of the ankle. Case Report | Volume 10 | Issue 6 | JOCR September 2020 | Page  54-59 | Vikaesh Moorthy, Kae Sian Tay, Kevin Koo. DOI: 10.13107/jocr.2020.v10.i06.1874 Authors: Vikaesh Moorthy[1], Kae Sian Tay[2], Kevin Koo[2] [1]Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore,...

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Acromioclavicular Joint Disk Tearing in Young Non-Arthritic Individuals: A Case Series

Learning Point of the Article: Tearing of the acromioclavicular joint disk may cause lingering symptoms in patients with prior trauma or injury involving their shoulder, however further study is needed to determine if these findings are truly causative or merely incidental. Case Report | Volume 10 | Issue 3 | JOCR May – June 2020 | Page 90-94 | Andrew W Kuhn, John E Kuhn, Scott M LaTulip, James E Carpenter. DOI:...

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