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A Rare Case of Ipsilateral “Floating Ileum” with Floating Hip and Floating Knee

Learning Point of the Article: In the light of available data, it can be safely concluded that floating ileum, floating hip and floating knee injuries are not simple skeletal injuries but often a part of polytrauma with other significant associated systemic injuries. The clinical outcome of these patients not only depend on proactive and optimum management of tibial, femoral and ileuml fractures but also on the management of...

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A Rare Case of Ipsilateral Floating Hip with Femoral Neck Fracture and Contralateral Floating Knee Injury – Proposal for a Management Flowchart and Literature Review

Learning Point of the Article: The key elements in management of polytrauma patient with complex fractures are proper staging and good implant choice. Case Report | Volume 10 | Issue 3 | JOCR May – June 2020 | Page 95-99 | Amr Ahmed Hosny Abdo Selim, Nader M Diab, Ahmed S Barakat. DOI: 10.13107/jocr.2020.v10.i03.1766 Authors: Amr Ahmed Hosny Abdo Selim[1], Nader M Diab[1], Ahmed S Barakat[1] [1]Department of Trauma and...

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Implant-associated Hoffa’s Fracture in a Floating Knee: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Learning Point of the Article: Complex floating knee in the presence of a previous implant creates an unusual fracture pattern which poses a unique challenge in management and subsequent rehabilitation. Case Report | Volume 9 | Issue 3 | JOCR May-June 2019 | Page 79-83 | Gaurav Saini, R K Sen, Anoop Kalia, Sagar Kadam. DOI: 10.13107/jocr.2250-0685.1432 Authors: Gaurav Saini[1], R K Sen[1], Anoop Kalia[1], Sagar...

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The Challenges of the Femoral Bone Loss in the Management of the Floating Knee IIB According Fraser: A Case Report

Learning Point for this Article: Acute re-implantation of bone is a new frontier in the treatment of bone loss. However, to make it safe, it needs further investigations. Case Report | Volume 8 | Issue 1 | JOCR Jan – Feb 2018 | Page 3-7| Serafino Carta, Alberto Riva, Mattia Fortina, Giovanni Battista Colasanti, Luigi Meccariello. DOI: 10.13107/jocr.2250-0685.972 Authors: Serafino Carta[1], Alberto Riva[2], Mattia...

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Ipsilateral Floating Hip and Floating Knee – A Rare Entity

  What to Learn from this Article? 1.Rare Presentation of ipsilateral floating knee and hip fractures in young adult. 2.Review of literature on such cases and presenting results of management in one case. Case Report |  Volume 3 | Issue 3 | JOCR July-Sep 2013 | Page 3-6 | Kumar YC, Nalini K B, Nagaraj P, Jawali A. Authors: Kumar YC[1], Nalini K B[1], Nagaraj P[1], Jawali A[1] [1]Dept of Orthopaedics, M S Ramiah Medical...

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