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A Large Posteromedial Parameniscal Cyst Masquerading a Baker’s Cyst: An Unusual Presentation

Learning Point of the Article: Differential diagnosis of parameniscal cyst and Combined approach for successful resolution and prevention of recurrence of large parameniscal cyst. Case Report | Volume 10 | Issue 4 | JOCR July 2020 | Page 66-68 | Subodh Kumar Pathak, Aryan Sharma, Rakesh Kumar Gautam, Priyank Bagtharia. DOI: 10.13107/jocr.2020.v10.i04.1806 Authors: Subodh Kumar Pathak[1], Aryan Sharma[1], Rakesh Kumar Gautam[1],...

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Managing Recurrence in Intraarticular Melorheostosis Involving the Knee Joint: A Case Report

Learning Points for this Article: Although classically described as a hyperostosis of cortical bone, intra-articular soft tissue masses are an important cause of recurrent morbidity in melorheostosis. Excision of these masses leads to a symptomatic improvement in joint function and can help delay an eventual arthroplasty. Case Report | Volume 7 | Issue 5 | JOCR Sep – Oct 2017 | Page 29-33| Anirudh Sharma, Bobby John, Ritesh...

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